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2016 Conference Handouts and Reference Materials

2016 TACUA Conference Registration Form

2016 TACUA Attendees

Ethical Culture: Bad Apples or Bad Barrel?

Texas A&M Systemwide Audit on Title IX

Rock the Standards - TACUA Posting

Considerations When Auditing Campus Clinics

UTD Tacua Data Analytics, UTD PeopleSoft queries, and UTD Audit IDEA Scripts

Get More Out of Your Risk Assessment - TACUA 2016

Tales from the Dark Side

2015 Conference Handouts and Reference Materials

FY2015 TACUA Conference Participants

Computer Forensics for Auditors

Minors on Campus

HIPPA Auditing Update

Social Media - How to Actively Engage your Audit Committee

The Next Generation of Internal Auditors-The fight for talent!

How Controlled are Your Controlled Substances?

Data Analytics and Student Financial Aid

Navigating NCAA Rules for Successful Internal Audits

Standards for Effective Compliance and Risk Management

Dealing with Difficult Auditees

VAWA, Clery & Title IX - Oh My! What compliance and audit review should include?

Follow the Yellow Brick Road Not the Rabbit an Effective Individual Audit Risk Assessment

Fundamentals of Construction Auditing, What You Need to Know

Understanding your BLACKBOARD LEARN Environment So That You Can Audit it Effectively

Hidden in Plain Sight: Investigating on the Internet

Fraud and the Risk Assessment - What do Auditors Think?

2014 Conference Handouts and Reference Materials

Auditing Medical School Clinical Departments TACUA 2014 (PDF)

BYOD - An Auditing Framework TACUA 2014 (PDF)

Enrollment Management-Understanding Your Admissions Processes TACUA 2014 (PDF)

ERM - One University's Approach TACUA 2014 (PDF)

Overview of New Debt Policy and Compliance TACUA 2014 (PDF)

TeamRisk and TeamCentral TACUA 2014 (PDF)

Auditing Safety - TACUA 2014 (PDF)

BYOD in the Enterprise (PDF)

Data Analytics Presentation TACUA 2014 (PDF)

How to Audit the Elephant TACUA 2014 (PDF)

Incidence Handling Auditors TACUA 2014 (PDF)

Quality Assurance Reviews TACUA 2014 (PDF)

TeamMate Reports TACUA 2014 (PDF)

2011 Conference Handouts and Reference Materials

Auditing Banner Security and Access (PDF)

Identity Theft - Is Your University an Open Market For ID Thieves (PPT)

TACUA Service Centers final (PDF)

TACUA Auditors Training (PPT)

TACUA Presentation on COI(PPT)

TACUA Cloud Based Computing(PDF)

Personal mobile devices as the classroom(PDF)

TACUA-Transparency in Govt(PPT)

TACUA Risk Intelligence(PPT)

2010 Conference Handouts and Reference Materials

Governance Audit Presentation (PPT)

PFIA Compliance Checklist (PDF)

TACUA_ACFE handouts (PDF)

Texas PFIA Outline (PPT)

Relay TACUA Presentation (PDF)

A CIO Perspective on Compliance Risk Management SPS Prod 8 Apr 2010 (PPT)

TACUA 2010 IT Risk (PPT)

TACUA 2010 TeamMate Presentation (PPT)

TACUA Presentation (PDF)

TACUA Board Members

Dana Nuber, President
The University of Texas at Arlington
[email protected]

Ali Subhani, President Elect
The University of Texas at Dallas
[email protected]

Brandon Morales, Treasurer
The University of Texas at Austin
[email protected]

Jason Mallory, Secretary
Texas State Technical College
[email protected]

Charla Parker-Thompson, Officer At Large
Texas Southern University
[email protected]

Letty Charbonneau, Officer At Large
Lone Star College System
[email protected]

Brett Swett, Officer At Large
Texas Tech University System
[email protected]

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